eaTests automated tests tool for Sparx Enterprise Architect

Welcome to eaTests

eaTests is a dedicated automated tests tool
for add-ins and automation scripts running on
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling tool.

Use eaTests for your EA add-ins

eaTestsLib: library to create, manage and run automated tests on Sparx Enterprise Architect add-ins

eaTests provides a generic and re-usable automated tests library for your custom add-ins running on Sparx Enterprise Architect tool.

sparxsystems enterprise architect addin tests

Built for Sparx Enterprise Architect

eaTestsLib provides functions to
run tests in EA using its interface (API).
It uses XML test description entered according to the structure provided in eaTests XML schema (XSD file).

sparxsystems enterprise architect addin automated tests

Automated tests module

Define and maintain data sets,
run and store test runs within dedicated EA test projects.

automated tests for Sparx Enterprise Architect add-ins solution

Fulfilling EA add-ins testing needs

Built-in features are available to add automated tests to your add-in.
A minimum amount of code must be implemented to integrate most add-ins with eaTests solution.

eaTestsScripts: add-in to run automated tests with your scripts

eaTests add-in is aimed at running tests on your automation VBScripts, JavaScripts and JScripts.

automated tests Sparx Enterprise Architect add-in

Sparx Enterprise Architect add-in

Using eaTests Library, eaTests Scripts add-in works with the built-in
XML test description content to run tests on an EA project.

Automated tests for EA scripts

Automated tests for EA scripts

Define and maintain data sets,
run scripts, and store test runs within dedicated EA test projects.

Test Sparx Enterprise Architect VBScripts and JScripts

Supports EA scripts

eaTests add-in calls scripts functions and subroutines with any required parameters on the test models.
eaTests library checks the results according to the provided post-conditions.

Add-ins and scripts using eaTests

eaTests started off a personal project to define and run automated tests on eaUtils utilities add-in.

Advantages gained from eaUtils dedicated automated tests:
save time, find regression bugs, keep track of the tests run in EA, define tests in EA...

It quickly made sense to extract a tool from this work and make it available for most add-ins and scripts.

This led to my talk at the London's 2017 EA User Group where eaTests was first shared with Sparx community of users.

eaUtils free utilities add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect

eaUtils add-in

eaTests Library originates from the automated tests module initially achieved in eaUtils.

eaUtils now uses eaTests common library to run advanced automated tests on its features including sorting elements, generating alias values, and generating breadcrumb trail.

hoTools add-in for Sparx EA

hoTools add-in

This Open Source project provides tools that can be handy when using Enterprise Architect.

hoTools is the first add-in after eaUtils that has been integrated with eaTests for demonstration purposes at the EAUG London 2017.

Geert Bellekens VBScript Library for Sparx enterprise Architect

Geert Bellekens scripting library

A selected VBScript from Geert's free library has been selected to be tested with eaTests Scripts add-in for demonstration purposes
at the EAUG London 2017.

eaTests library and add-in are available
via Guillaume Finance services and expertise.

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